Should I try to contact her again or should I just forget about her?

So about a week ago I matched with a girl on Tinder and saw that she had her snap in her bio. I added her on snap and discovered the next day that she had unmatched me. We kind of snapped back and forth for a couple of days anyways. One night I sent her a really long message on it telling her a story of something that happened to me on Tinder (basically a girl matched with me, sent me all kinds of snaps, I sent her a few replies and then she blocked me on the spot). She had no great answer for me, basically told me the girl must have been looking for attention and once she got bored of me she didn't want to talk anymore.

She later told me that she didn't unmatch me on Tinder if that's what I thought, she actually just deleted her account entirely. We then kind of talked about past relationships and how neither one of us has been treated very well by the opposite sex. She said she is kind of seeing somebody but not really, and I asked her if she wanted to go out as friends some time. She seems like a genuine person and you know, why not? Curiously she decided to save that message but never replied to me. I'm not that invested in the situation but was curious why she decided to save that message. Perhaps she's just saving it to look back on it as a confidence boost or something? Who knows. I'm leaning towards the ball is in her court now and if she decides she's interested then she'll message me. And she'd probably respect me more if I just let it be


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  • I agree, she'll respect you more if you wait for responses from her.

    • Yeah, there's a decent chance she'll just never message me again but it's one of those things where sending more messages isn't going to help anything. If she's interested she's interested. I'm trying to be more like this when it comes to dating. Not really trying too hard to pursue anymore. If they're interested they can let me know by responding to messages and initiating conversation. I'm done doing all the work and putting in all the effort just to get stepped on

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    • Yeah it was sweet, you guys have a cool country

    • /continent

  • Let her go, she's playing games with you.


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