Don't know why he is ignoring me?

So a guy I liked at uni matched up with me on bumble but deleted the app. He asked to work with me in class a few weeks ago so I mentioned the match thing and asked if he wanted to hangout. He said yes and asked if id be in uni the next day.

Next day comes and he waited for like a minute for me after class then walked off. Told him where I was and he ignored me. he's been ignoring me since and today felt extremely awkward in class. Acting like I dont exist etc so I just messaged him and said that I know he isn't speaking to me and if he isn't interested then its cool just so it isn't awkward in class.

Those were my exact words, Id rather it be a no than it to feel awkward in class. And he even IGNORED that. Now I am angry like the awkwardness is unbearable and I've tried to clear the air and he won't even just admit it?


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  • This happened to me one time with a girl. She was flirting with me all the time, and we matched on Tinder. I invited her over, as she wasn't interested in going out anywhere that day. She texted me that she was on her way, but never showed up. Did she chicken out, or maybe she wasn't interested? I don't know but, she could have just said I'm not comfortable with you, or I'm interested in someone else.

    • Yeah, think the only thing with him he does seem a bit awkward in general. But id rather him reject me than make the situation feel awkward as it is

  • He might have tried to be nice in person and not hurt your feelings straight up, so he thought you'd get the idea by ignoring you.
    Not sure what he's thinking so it's just speculation

  • What you are going through is soooo common. There could be many reasons but the teo most prominent one are :-
    1) He likes you are being too shy or feel that he just don't want to get serious in relationship thingy and all.
    2) Second he just was taking to you just becase you were classmates. If you start getting in his personal space or he things that you like him and he , again don't like you back, he is being immature by ignoring you.

    If like him , maybe just as friends, just find an oppurtunity and talk to him straight face to face in a little loud and serious voice.
    All the best

    • Do you think he might be acting passive aggressive? Because I didn't get up instantly to see him? Just feel like leaving it because I have tried to be as opening and friendly about it as I can and just feel that he's doing it on purpose

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