Girls, Do you think my friend likes me?

I’ve known her for a year. She is shy and reserved, unless she knows you. She has verbally expressed to me a dislike for being touched and having her personal bubble intruded in to (for obvious reasons), with the exception being for those she’s comfortable with. She then went out of her way to let me know that she was comfortable with me, aka I’m allowed in. I also noticed I’m the only guy she hangs out with (other than her younger brother). She only hugs a few individuals, but she gives me full-frontal hugs (leaves the chest out, but that’s because of our religion, which I 100% respect) even though I only started hugging her the last time I saw her. Last time I saw her, she gave me a hug “goodnight” (which she’s never done before then) after I caught her staring at me while I was getting a little physical and in deep conversation with a mutual female friend, potentially signaling jealousy (unintentional on my part). She also said that she was there for me (emotionally speaking), like a friend is. However, she (nonverbally, but in writing on my hand) has called me cute before. I’m just extremely unsure as to all this. What do you think?

Tl;Dr: she gives mixed signals, but in general just feels both shy and comfortable around me, and seems to be emotionally invested in the relationship/friendship.


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  • It's pretty hard to tell. But it doesn't mean she doesn't feel anything for you. As a shy girl myself, when I like a guy, I try my best to hide it and it is usually very successful.

    Its been a year, so I think it's safe for you to ask how she feels about you.

  • Just ask her. Sometimes it’s too hard to read between the lines or try and guess if she’s sending or implying hints.


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