Kissing and holding hands in public place - what is appropriate ?

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year now, this is my first relationship so am not sure of what is considered "Appropriate" when it comes to kissing him where others might see.

Guys - Would you feel uncomfortable if your girlfriend kissed you where one of your co-workers might see? Like outside your work place?

Keep in mind my guy is kind of shy in some ways.

What do you feel about holding hands in public?

Would you be concerned about other guys giving you a hard time?

Silly questions I know - but I would really like to know.



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  • Some people are really picky about PDA. However generally, anything that is not excessively groping or making out is fine.

    Ask your guy directly what he feels most comfortable with. It's really the best idea- since his opinions should be more important then a bunch of strangers right?

    • I agree.

      It kind of strange for me because I'm not used to PDA, so not sure when and if I should.

      I'm not talking hands all over, tong down throat - just respectul

      kiiss on cheek or lips.

      I need to ask him, just wanted to see what is considered appropriate first.

      I admit, I'm the type that has to research something in order to process it and understand it.

      Thanks for your help! :)

    • I totally understand. enjoy your new relationship my dear. x

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  • i think it just depends on the person. some people really hide nothing when it comes to being affectionate. but others will barely touch each other outside closed doors. so you really need to find out for the both of you what feels inappropriate. of course you will always run into some people who don't appreciate what you do with yur guy in public. but that's not exactly their problem now is it

  • Holding hands is fine... Kinda like showing the world to stay the **** away and the two of you are dating, but I roll my eyes at seeing people kiss in public. I wouldn't do it, but some guys think that it makes them look "cool," which it doesn't. Then again, I'm biased. :P

    • I can see your point.

      I give the eye roll when I see a couple hanging all over each other or making out, but it's kind of sweet when they are holding hands, or when they are about to part from each other , they give a quick (respectful) peck on the lips & say "Love you".

      That's the type of stuff I'm talking about.

      Thanks for the comment! :)

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  • Some people don't really like PDA, you should probably ask your boyfriend what he likes and what he's comfortable with. Holding hands is's innocent. As long as you guys aren't constantly making out in public, it'll be fine :)