Male 23, Graduating college never had a girlfriend or kissed a girl, is that bad, bad university experience please help?

In high school I never got with any girls tbh I wasn’t focused on dating I did have friends and was involved in activities (also by the way I have alcohol intolerance) and I love socializing!!! I did my AA at the local college online to save money, where I work also it’s all guys who are in their 30s or older. I was also pretty stressed during that time period with work and trying to get done with school as fast as possible, after I moved and transferred to the university and commute 50 minutes and now I only have one more semester and I’ll have my bachelors degree (btw I also chose a stem major so I’m set there). i asked this question because yesterday this girl asked me something about relationships, and I said I never had a girlfriend, for what that was worth now apparently That was a big deal and the girls in the class couldn’t stop talking about it, I felt like I was back in high school again. I do take care of my body, I eat healthy and my body is good not like ridiculous but I am in shape I’m not a slob and I’m not a pig who goes around hitting on girls etc. I have asked girls out that I met in some of my elective classes (my stem courses are all pretty much guys) after building a rapport with them and making them laugh etc becoming comofortable but I've been blown off, a couple times I’ve even said hello to classmates and been outright ignored, maybe there just not interested in talking which I can understand and they already have friends and I am coming in as a transfer so I backed off and I figure a lot of people seem to already have their cliques and groups established, I also didn’t want to come across as needy. Now after this incident I’ve become worried and I’m starting to think about it and I will admit I’m starting to become concerned, i feel like I’m in a catch 22, I like to meet new people, but my university experience isn’t how I expected it to be, maybe because I commute or did the first 2 years online I don't know but can anyone give any help or advice, thank you all?
Also maybe I’m just letting it scare me because of the incident with girls but one of my guy friends also told me that if can’t get a girlfriend when I’m college surrounded by women who are the majority that I should just give up, usually I don’t let stuff bother me and always keep a positive attitud, I mean I’m grateful for having the opportunities that I do, but this time I felt the need to ask G@G for help.


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  • College is not a big deal


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