How do you find men when you’re the least desirable?

I get men that talk to me and I get dates but they find someone else more desirable. It sucks because white women and Asian women get men so easily. I’m so jealous. They’re able to get married easily or find a boyfriend so easily. Im always just a filler for guys until they find someone better. Im not a 10/10 but guys do tell me I’m pretty. We go on a couple of dates but they either disappear or they play games or they just want sex. It’s so much competition that I can’t compete. All my friends get cute guys that take care of them and they are getting married or getting into serious relationships or they’ve been dating for years.
I try to stay optimistic and try to be confident but I’m easily forgotten and it sucks. Even when I message the guys I’m witty and I’m attentive. They reply and act like they’re interested. Sometimes I really hate the skin I’m in and I don't know if I should try anymore.
How do you girls get these guys that treat you so well and spoil you?
I haven’t dated since my first boyfriend who turned out to be an alcoholic and is now in jail. Pretty scarred from that.
I talked to this guy online who was really cute. We talked all day but again he disappeared.


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  • The skin is not an obstacle.
    But there are some men that simply want something else.
    I personally would love to get into a relationship with a different skin color girl but it all depends on a personality ofc. And i got a girlfriend lol
    You know, most of the guys just want sex, but still there are those who will respect women rather then seeing them as a sex toy.
    Based on your question i can assume that you are all sweet girl so i am sure that some also sweet guy will find you 😉
    And about your ex, not all guys are same. Remember that.

    • Thanks. Well my ex told me I'm pretty and I have a good personality but he decided to pursue other women instead of me and ended up in jail. So I'm not sure what is true anymore.
      Like I do get guys and they talk to me but I notice they string me along a lot or they're not as interested as they say they are.
      I'll be patient and keep searching but im starting to lose hope tbh.

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    • Lol. is your friend going through something similar?
      Thank you! I'll suck it up and keep it moving.
      Things could be worse

    • No, he is just a good friend of my. Has good manners and wasn't behind the bars 😃

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  • Well from articales I've read white woman are more desirable to men when they are searching for a wife because they feel like they would never be threaten and ofcourse Television and commercials always show. happy white families and often black families are shown as shattered or Asians as strict and not loveable

    • Many men are starting to date Asian women now. I see them all over.
      Even ones that are not that attractive get bfs.
      Or ones that don't even speak English.

  • Maybe you're the probleme. you're getting with people just to get with people. maybe fond something YOU like. and the right guy will come to you. (what ethnicity are you?)

    • Im mixed with black and a little Asian.
      What do you mean find something I like?

    • Exemple : you like to jog , you jog twice a week you'll run into other people who like to jog. and u can build from there.

  • My best advice is that if you want to be loved be loveable. Make an effort to project it. Also change where you pick up men to meet nicer ones.

    • Well I do online dating.
      Before I was using Tinder and I got a lot of matches.
      Some went on dates/some ghosted/some just messaged me not wanting to meet.
      So I decided to try something new this year. I'm using Bumble and I go out more.
      I'm try to go to find people in real life too but that doesn't work either.
      Either that or I'm just ugly and they feel like they have nothing to lose to get attention for a second.

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    • Well I'm almost finished with school and I currently have two jobs.
      I have my own car and etc. I'm working on my self esteem too.
      You know it's funny. I talked to this attractive guy and I told him I worked two jobs.
      He doesn't work right now because he's looking for a job apparently.
      But he was unimpressed. I thought guys like girls that are proactive. I guess not though. :o

    • Hmm well maybe need a makeover or something pm me

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