I want to be in a relationship with a 21 year old?

Im 32 years old and last March i met a 21 year old at my job. She started talking to me and we instantly hit it off. She is so beautiful, intelligent, and she is suprisingly mature.
She’s always giving , and she looks out for me with a lot of things she goes over and beyond for me i can tell she cares about me. We’ve been seeing each other about once or twice a week since March and i enjoy spending time with her so much.
But her father has a problem with me he has made it clear to me that he doesn’t approve. He has told me that his daughter is desperate and wants attention and that why she’s giving attention to me.
He told me that he doesn’t see what a 32 year old sees in a 21 year old that our mental level is on two different ranges. Despite of her father i still come and see her and spend time with her. I finally got the courage a couple of weeks ago to ask her to be mine.
She was speechless , but she brought up how her dad didn’t approve of me (which i already knew) i could tell that she was going to say yes’m but she said “let me throw the topic about being together to my parents just to get a feel of how they are going to react” i took her response as a “yes” but she’s been acting like we’re still friends.
So today i came over to her house and i told her “i told you a couple of weeks ago that i wanted to be with you but you took what i said and threw it in the trash it went in one ear and out the other i then told her if we can’t be together than we can just be friends.
i was under the impression that we were going to spending more time together” she liked so upset and told me that she wanted me and didn’t want to let me go but I’m torn her parents don’t even want her to spend the night with me and i want her over my house and under me because i really enjoy her company
TL:DR; As a male i understand where her father is coming from but we have been hanging out this long and i want to make her something more


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  • Explain to her father. Tell her how much you love her and how you will treat her once you are together.

    • Her father won’t allow himself to get to know me

    • Looks like he is very protective of her. Talk to your girlfriend and talk to her father together.

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