What kind of things do you look for in a relationship?

These things can be either physical or emotional. Additionally, what are some qualities you stay away from?


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  • Well... this is a hard question. But what I look for:

    Natural and healthy looks (as in the less makeup the better, and I don't mind skin defects, etc.)
    Intelligent personality
    Acceptance of my job

    I stay away from drama queems, feminists, attention whores.

    • Personally I wear heavy makeup if giving the chance, but not every day. Is that something you'd be willing to overlook if a girl retained the other qualities?

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    • Yea. I plan on putting it off until college starts because that will make things easier to find someone with similar life goals. And not to sound full of myself but I do believe I am more grown up than most people in my school. I'm going to college for business finance and I do lobbing work, just last week I met with my state legislators. It just feels to me like not everyone is on the same pace as me so waiting will help me out in the long run.

    • Good plan :) I wish you luck!

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  • We have to be compatible in some ways. I want someone who's intelligent, caring, understanding, similar sex drive, takes care of their appearance and health, loyal and humorous.

    What I don't want: clingy, jealous, insecure, abusive or has an addiction.

  • Commitment, Compatible, Trust, Honesty, and Dedication, Average looking, and i stay away from Bad Habits, Past Drama, Excessive vulgar language, and mean spirited.

  • + Understanding, security, tollerance

    Jelaousy, hiding what is bothering you


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