Girls, what are the top things you think a guy does that ruins a first date?

Exactly like the title.

What do you think we do that ruins a first date?


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  • When he pushes for sex...on the first date...shows us how much you respect us!...I don't care how well the date is going, if we are bonding, laughing, having a not try to sleep with us on the first date! Even if she is trying to jump your bones...tell her that you want to continue dating and getting a chance to know each other before you sleep together!...Two great guys did this to me, because we had amazing chemistry...welll I never accepted date showed me what he thought of me!


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  • -when there are too many awkward silences and I have to make all the conversation

    -if he speaks too quietly

    -if he doesn't smell good

    -if he's not cleanly dressed

    -if he touches my ass

    -if he only talks about himself

    -if he's arrogant, racist or rude

    - if he's always checking his phone

    -If he mentions 'sex' on the 1st date (shows his intentions)

    -if he smokes

  • when the guy doesn't keep conversation. If he asked me on a date he better not sit across from me at dinner and not say one word lol


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  • accidentally fart in the car while your driving to the movies

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