Conversation awkwardness?

I really like a specific girl. We first met on a party and took some pictures, exchanged numbers and had a lovely evening. After the party i talked to her while she was with her friends because i know them too. Our friends had to go back to class but the two of us didn't have class. So i thought wonderful i can maybe get to know her a bit more and see if we would be a match. So i asked some questions added some of my opinions.

Ex. Whats your favourite music genre?
Mine is house because you can really feel the power.

She always responds with very short answers like: I like pop

Eventually it just becomes an interview and feels really forced. I did caught her looking at me while walking by. And then there's another party and again we have a lovely evening. This time she asked if i could bring her. After the party yet again every conversation is another interview.

All kinds of questions pop up in my head.
What should i ask/say to let her open up?
Is she playing hard to get?
Does she even know i like her?
How do i let her know i like her?
How do i prevent the interview mode?

Note: i am socially awkward and propably dont know how to respond to the most simple situation. It takes a lot of time before i open up to people as well, but i force myself to otherwise i wouldn't share anything about myself either.


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