He teases me/flirts with me one day but ignores me the next?

I have a crush on my coworker. there are times where he'll say flirty things to me. He also defends me when other coworkers insult me (we all joke around a lot and sometimes those jokes go too far). Like last week, one of our coworkers called me a... well, a word that described a person that sleeps around and my crush defended me and told our coworker to not talk to me like that. He has also made small pervy comments to me. Like, our female manager accidentally grazed my butt with the back of her hand and she apologized and my crush then said "my turn?"
We've had flirty moments. And he sometimes stands really close to me. But there are random days where he doesn't talk to me much. And if he does, it's just about general stuff. Like he's going to college this fall and all he asked me was if it was hard. But overall, that's what our convo was limited to.

Why is he into me sometimes and then barely talking to me other days? I should mention that I've been very good about hiding the fact that I like him. I don't show any signs that I like him more than a friend and that's kinda my problem in a way. But at the same time, I also don't know if he likes me. I think today he got a bit offended because I momentarily forgot his name. He started asking everyone if they knew his name and he was like "you're the only one who doesn't know it". In reality, I just got tongue tied.


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