I'm pretty sure I blew this chance but would it be appropriate to call her this week and try again? What is this girl's deal?

I met this girl at a club about a month ago. I've seen her there before and talked to her but this time I talked to her longer and asked her for her phone number. She gave me her number then after talking a little longer I had to leave. I called her like two days after and it went to voice mail so I left a message. I didn't get a return call or text from her so like two days after I sent a text message saying that I thought she was worth another try. I didn't hear anything from her until her until last Wednesday she sent me a text at like 11 pm, saying she was sorry and had been busy and thought it was OK for her to get back to me when she had a chance. I texted her back like I thought she didn't get my message in a way to seem like I wasn't mad. I was just leaving work so I kinda rushed along and went straight for it asking her if she was busy this weekend. She told me she was on Fri and Sat but not Sun. I asked her if she wanted to go out on Sunday to Dinner and at first she said "OK" We sent a couple of texts back and forth and before I knew it she had backed out saying she wasn't sure what day she was busy and would get back to me. Well she never got back to me. I'm pretty sure I blew this chance but would it be appropriate to call her this week and try again?

I have a few questions for girls on this that I forgot to include. 1. Why would she wait three weeks to get back to me? 2. Why would she text message me a like 11pm at night? 3. Do you think she wanted me to call her as soon as I got her text?
4. Do you think I scared her off asking her out by text so soon? 5. Should I try to contact her again even though she never got back to me?


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  • Shes bored, needs some attention and figures she can play you. If she was really into you she would have called a lot sooner...


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  • I reckon cut your losses. Admittedly I do this to guys a lot when I'm not interested. And the more they keep texting me the more I start feeling claustrophobic and backing away. On the other hand though, girls like us LOVE the chase. If your really into this girl this is what I suggest you do. Wait for her to contact you again. DO NOT call or text her first! If she contacts u, your in business. Let her wait for 2 days or so (guys like to use the 3 day rule but I find this a bit excessive) and then reply but don't sound to keen. Let her know something along the lines of that your very busy and you have a lot of stuff lined up but you might b able 2 squeeze her into your schedule, but not in a cocky way. If she agrees to a date then keep phone contact to a minimum until just before the day of. Otherwise she'll bail on u, guaranteed.

    Thing is though, such girls love to play games and are usually into the asshole/bad boy type. I'm like that and I've accepted that I'm borderline insane and any guy that wants to date me will have 2 put up with all my sh*t first. Is she worth it?

    • Well I agree that she can't be that interested if at all. I just don't understand why she would contact me back at all? I would have thought she was more mature by not even sending me reply.

  • My friends and I talked about this, When to expect a call back from a guy from a club. If you met at the club on fri, or sat, they'll contact you back in a wk because sun is family day, and then during the week people either have work or school. 1. Three wks to hear back from her..doesn't sound like she's interested. 2. The text message at 11 pm was maybe because she was busy earlier, and wanted to let you know that she got your messages. 3. I don't think that text message was meant to be replied to..she probably thought it was late enough that you wouldn't reply and go to sleep. 4. Yes I think you did scare her off..getting to know someone first to make them build trust is important, and then you can ask for a date. 5. I think you showed her you were interested. If she likes you she'll come around.

    • Why do you think she replied to me in the first place? If she was not interested, wouldn't she have just stayed away? I'm thinking there is another guy involved and maybe he p*ssed her off and she called me then flaked out. I take this as an insult and I'm really thinking about either sending her a text calling her out as classless or telling her in person because I'm sure to see her out again. What do you think?

    • Ask her when she's free, maybe she thinks that if you like her and are going to go on a date with her you should work around her schedule. Don't be rude to her and call her classless..thats just being childish. She doesn't owe you an explanation for not seeing or talking to you. A lot of people don't tell someone they don't like them because they don't want to hurt anyones feelings.

    • I know she doesn't owe me anything but she did tell me she would let me know about this past weekend and never got back to me. That's the reason I think what she did was classless because it is obvious to me she called me out of either being drunk with her friends and thought it would be funny to mess with me or she just wanted attention. If she really wanted me to keep trying I don't think she would have handled it this way and that is why I so want to let her know how immature I think she is

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