He said he didn't want to be in a relationship, got mad I moved on and now is in a relationship?

So I had been dating this guy for awhile and he told me he did not want a girlfriend at the moment. I broke up with him and started dating this other guy and he got upset over it and kept bringing this one girl around in an attempt to make me jealous and now is supposedly in a relationship with her and posts her all around on his social media.

Super confused...


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  • Ignore him. He didn't want to be with you, so fuck it. Let him be childish and stupid.

    • What's the deal with that though seriously? I don't even really think he's into her I think he's just using her

    • Just being childish wanting attention. The problem is, you gave the opportunity, and it was denied. A lot of guys want women to wait around until they are ready to be in a relationship.
      Don't wait for a possibility. Go live your life and find someone that wants what you want.

  • sounds like a child. if you don't like drama you might be better of without him


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