First date questions?

I'm going on a first date with this girl tomorrow night and I'm really nervous. What should I wear for the date? And where is a nice place to go for the date?


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  • Just dress nice, but not TOO nice. Some jeans and a good-looking shirt should do the trick, and if they're not all wrinkled then that's even better. Make sure your hair isn't all messy, etc. A light spray of cologne or something might be nice, too. :]

    As for a place, that's more your call, dude. You could go out to a mall and just walk around/shop/hang out; go to a movie; find something else locally that's fun to do? And you can't go wrong with grabbing something to eat either before or afterwards.

  • i agree with the girls answer b4 me bout the clothes and make sure you smell good (breath included haha)

    a nice restuarant wil be nice (not too fancy/not too casual)

    good luck :)


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