Question about hanging out alone...?

I hung out with this girl for the first time "alone" just me and her...we've hung out a few times before at my buddies house...i know she likes me and thinks I'm really cute...but I didn't want to make a move just yet because it seems like she's really shy. So I didn't make a move even tho I really wanted to. (she even texted me one night when she was drunk and we had just left my buddies place and asked me if I wanna make out lol). I just wanna know if I blew it or not by not making a move..( we were sober alone). Opinions?


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  • I think you blew the perfect situation, but it's definitely possible to salvage a relationship. But you're going to HAVE to make the first move. Since she's so shy, don't ask her out on a date just yet, because she'll become apprehensive, and will be extremely awkward on the date. Hang out as friends (alone, again) and make the move.

    I can't tell you how many times I've sat there waiting for the guy to make a move and they just don't.

    Don't be scared. You have balls; use them!

    • But did you stop liking the guy because he didn't make a move the first time you two hung out?

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  • I don't think you've blown it at all but if she's shy then make a move and show her that you're interested too :)



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  • Yes just go with the flow and try to be spend time just the 2 of you and you know before you know it one things lead to another and YAY !

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