Is he playing games with me or what?

Hi there! I'm Abby (20) and my problem is quite simple: I've got this guy in my class and since we are classmates (3 years) we have a very specific relationship... We both have a very bad temper so it's much easier to tease for the other one, which leads to stupid jokes, mocking, insults and so on.. Our other classmates use to tell us that we are like a couple after 20 years of marriage, which is really good! Other than stupid jokes and sarcastic comments we know almost all about the other one and have a good tension between us. I often catch him staring, he gets annoyed when I ignore him for some reason and he never miss a chance to be as close to me as possible, we spend a lot time together and usually he calls me at night and then we talk for like a couple of hours... We are so much like an actual couple, but yet we are not.. But the problem is: Anytime I get closer to him (emotionaly) he pulls away. Like he won't text me or call me all day all night, he stops talk to me (he talks to me max 3 times a day) and all of the sudden I'm less than an air for him... But still I feel his eyes on me most of the time and still he smiles at me the ONE specific way... But I am way too much tired of this game now... I would go and ask him by myself, but I am afraid I'd make a fool of myself. Thank you so much for any kind of help. (Sorry for my bad English, it's not my first language :/ )


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