Date in a FEW hours!...

Away on a date with the boy I like in a few hours(first date with him) - any last minute tips?


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  • Remember to be yourself at ALL times if you're not he could be fall in love with that person you put on through nerves etc. Smile, try and force yourself to be confident - not too confident but enough to have a long lovely conversation with him. Even flirt a LITTLE bit with him, if he speaks about something that you don't want too.. let him. Then on another date that you know each other better tell him he was boring you to f*** when he spoke about that. Remember.. no-one is percect.. but two people together can be perfect. Good Luck! Remember to tell us how you got on.

    Oh and sorry, but that jerk that was commenting you I rated him the arrow 'up' instead of the arrow 'down' by accident!

    • Aw thanks for that. Haha, it looks like his comment has been deleted anyway:)