I'm curious. Has anyone wondered why the population of inexperienced people is so high on here?

I know it's an advice site but I'm pretty surprised on how many people have 0 experience. Just a guess but I'd say the ratio is about 70-30. 70 being inexperienced obviously.


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  • b/c those people are drawn to a question and answer dating site rather than people who are already experienced who probably know these things already


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  • Because most people here are under 20

    and because if they didn't need advice help, they wouldn't have signed up for an advice site.

    This site does not reflect real life

    • I thought most people on here were over 20. Most for sure are at least 18+.

    • Are you sure? A lot of people seem to be under 18 or lied about their age

    • Most of the time I see the 18-24 category.

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