Taking a break from girlfriend, what do I do?

It's been 3 weeks since we last saw eachother in person and I miss her a lot.. I don't think she's ready to see me yet, we both have emotional problems and were getting upset with each other over petty things. What should I do? I love her, even when she gets under my skin. She said she cares about me still. We prefer to talk in person when we talk about anything important, like our relationship.


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  • I'm giving you a high five! You prefer to talk IN PERSON (that is GREAT!!!) Anyway, I know how it is to argue in a relationship and when it keeps happening it IS better to take a step back from the situation. However, getting back together means you need to work at it to keep everything from going sour again. Meet up with her and have a relaxing, romantic evening... or a date and make it feel like the first day again <3

    • Thank you for your advice. I think next weekend, this upcoming weekend I work 30 hours, I'm going to bring her a white rose, as I did on our second date. Take her to a nice place for dinner. I hope she still loves me... If she doesn't then it'll seem very silly, make her uncomfortable, and make me feel bad.

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    • And that she'll never love me.

    • So wow what a fun ride

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  • Write your feelings down on paper like a letter to her. Then burn it dont give it to her. When you desire her do it again.
    Just wait for her to come around but till then its over. Women say things but dont mean them. My ex said she would be there for me. After my friend died. She never returned any of my attempts to contact her. If you see her then try talking with her.

    • She sent me an update message a week ago saying that she's doing better but still needs to go to therapy and figure herself out

    • Well then give her space but realistically its probably over at least for a while

  • Take a good look about what petty things you both get upset. ... Maybe by looking deeper, you can both work on them.

  • you smash as many girls as you can in the mean time. just kidding, enjoy the break and get back to her when y'all are refreshed.


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