Why "I love you "is a problem?

First I am foreigner. For example girl and guy after dating if girl or guy says I love you the other side act like a farmer who saw alien. Guys loving someone is so normal. I kove cats, dogs it is so normal but why? (I hope you get what I mean.)


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  • Honestly I don’t know what problem people have saying this. It’s just a word that guarantees nothing, in the end actions do. Also, same, if I can say “I love chocolate” I can just as well say “I love you”, even if it’s only for a moment. I think English doesn’t really have enough vocab to express your feelings properly and deeply in a few words. Furthermore I hate saying “I like you” because heck, I like even more things than I love, so generic. But in the end it’s actions that matter anyway. :)

    • you are totally right they should expand their languages

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  • You don't love a person like you love chocolate or pizza, those are different kinds of love. You wouldn't make love to a pizza, would you?

    • If I am very hungry that can happen

    • Shut up 😂

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  • Saying “I love you” is something you say later on in a happy relationship.

    Your basically giving your heart to the person you say you love

    • its like "i think i want to be with you next 50 years " then?

    • Yes you could see it like that

    • it is ridicoulus then there is already words that can prove it is serious , why they try to assaign different mean to words. whatever thanks for information

  • No problem. Freely express yourself. If they don't reciprocate or find fault then it's just not a match. NEXT!


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