What makes a guy doesn’t want to see a girl after they sleep together?

And what if he said boring at the first night and tired in the second time ,? Ps I am vergin and shy when he kisses my neck or boobs and some times laugh he touches some places.


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  • All he wanted was sex. He got it. Doesn't need it anymore. Some guys just chase girls until they let them in their pants. Once you give them what they want, the chase is over. Time to find another girl to chase!


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  • He's a user. Tell him to fuck off

    • I am feeling very bad.

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    • End up our relation with a good memory , I don’t want to only remember that feeling what he left to me , that words he said during we were together like “ boring , get tired “ and in the morning he never speaks to me. He always in a hurry to go work. But also he says good and if he stops to be close to me he like sleep a while and start again. He is my first man. I am virgin may be I don’t understand much

    • No I will not sleep with him. I just want to meet him outside , in a public place.

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  • Sex is bad or didn’t feel a connection. Inf she was a virgin she’s nothing but a conquest and once he pops her cherry he’s done with her

  • "Vergin" hahahaha


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