Should I try date this guy?

I like this guy. He is cute funny and sweet. He doesn’t have his own car though. He said he is working on it and he does plan on getting one soon. He is not American he is from a country called Bermuda and is going to school here. Anyways he has his own place though and I guess gets where he needs to be through uber and Lyft. Would you consider still dating him?


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  • if you really like him maybe give it a go? you'll never know if this could be something serious unless you really try but a car is a necessity, if he can still get around I say give it a try :)


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  • So... not having a car is a reason not to date someone?

    • Well I would want someone to pick me up

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    • Yeah. Your lack of decent reasoning left me speechless

    • No it’s perfect reasoning you’re just being an annoying troll go away.

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  • What is the problem here? You like him right?

    • Yes I just would like him to get a car soon

    • Ooh so it is about you being materialistic

    • How is that materialistic? It’s not like we live in New York City

  • U haven't listed one thing that wasn't material.

    • Apart from his looks. U seem to focus more on the materials of his life.

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    • If u like this guy why ask us if u should date him and list the fact that he doesn't have a car

    • Because it was a simple question I don't know why you wanted to answer if you can’t answer decently

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