Haven't spoken for a few months - should I message her?

I think she was interested, at least based on a number of signs over the course of about a year. Nothing ever happened and I think it became a "problem" - a friend and myself would go out clubbing with her and her friends, at least until the invites stopped being sent. That was about three months ago.

I think she assumed that either a) I wasn't interested or b) my friend (the one who'd come clubbing with us) liked her and that was stopping me from making any moves. The way she ended up acting around me suggests the second is true. However, neither is true - I was going through a pretty rough bout of depression at the time and really didn't see a relationship as the best thing for me or even remotely possible. Since then I've gotten help and starting to feel more positive about the future.

Anyway, we haven't really talked/seen each other in about three months. I've been wanting to explain why things happened the way they did and even if nothing happens between us I want to wipe the slate clean (closure I guess). As it stands I don't think I'll see her without me making the first move. My friend (yes that ^ one) is away next week so I was thinking of messaging and asking if they're going out clubbing, and ask to join. I'm not expecting miracles but if nothing gets organised or if she ignores the message I'll have some level of closure.

I just don't know if it's the right thing to do.


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