What are personality traits that make a male weak IYO?

I'm curious because I've noticed that most males from what I've observed are respected by the females that they interact with but with ME

{I don't want a girlfriend, friends with benefits, one night stands,} I don't want no part of anyone if that makes sense but for whatever reason I tend to get females to want to start provoking me to talk back to them which leads to me smacking them up literally

I mean if y'all don't like me because I'm ugly or whatever reasons they might have to be hating on me then why even go as far to get my attention?


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  • If a guy is afraid to be honest about what he thinks or feels or if a guy pretends to be a better person then he actually is or if he talks about personal topics around you that you prefer to keep private.

    • Alright then if he has a weak personality then wouldn't it be better to just leave him alone?

    • I always leave people alone when I don't like them. I don't hound them or harass them or chase after them.

    • That's honestly how I wish most people were tbh

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