How exactly do you get a girl to like you? Wanna see what people say?


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  • For me to like a guy - he has to have something I find likeable

    Sometimes that has nothing to do with what he does for me but what he does for other people instead

    For example:

    I liked one guy cause he had a good career and was intelligent and very formal and classy and always wore really nice clothes

    I liked another guy cause he was always selfless. Like he would go to a party and then spend all his time helping the cooks prepare the food instead of socializing or enjoying himself the way we were. He also talked to everybody equally and did not favour the popular or good looking or rich or smart people over the others.

    I liked another guy cause he offered to do a bible study with me after he had gone 24 hours without any sleep just cause he loved to talk to people about God and offered to buy me food too.

  • You don't. Either she likes you, or she doesn't.


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