How to ask him if he likes me or not?

Pull him aside to tell him? Say it straight out?
Say it at a random time when we conversate?
How to make it easy on both sides?


Most Helpful Guy

  • It depends on your composure. With my composure with women I could have a friendly conversation and throw in a comment like if you aren't careful, I may enjoy talking to you. Anything else, I would have to make a pass at her. I can't do anything in between.

    • So I should just wait it out and wait for him to tell me.

    • It depends on your personality and his personality as well. If you are confident enough, approach him. If he is really timid, he may never come to you like that. Best bet is to get close to him and see if you begin to feel any vibes. If you do, you should be good to go.

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  • I think you should ask him out to something fairly casual, coffee or whatever, where you can chat and hang out and not be bothered. Whenever you've got a good opportunity (I recommend later, after you've built rapport and had good conversation) take the initiative and tell him you're interested in him, if you want to tell him you wanna go see a movie or have dinner together, see where things go. Guage his reaction and keep your chin up if he says no or hesitates. You seem thoughtful and smart, keep your confidence up either way 😎

  • I'd do it in private. That takes the pressure off of both sides.


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