I am fat for him?

It's always been my weight... my mom, grandpa, sister comment on my weight.. "Lose the weight" I got told I should be put on a diet and got told I was pudgy. I lost it all, and then I put it all back on... plus 30 pounds. I am FAT, and I hate it. But whenever I try to lose it, I get easily tempted with food and I tell myself " Oh I will diet tomorrow" I am a procrastinator. I stopped getting my period cause of the instant weight gain. I have become lazy and unproductive. We met on tinder, he's a great boyfriend... Omg I can't even he's so great. But I saw the girls that are on tinder and they're gorgeous he could've went for one of them.. I need help, I am not worthy of him.. I feel bad I am with him cause I know there are other girls out there that would love to have him. Prettier, hotter ones. How can I tell him?


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  • He picked you anyway. Stop telling yourself you're too fat for him and don't be. Don't let the status quo get you down, let the possibility of being better excite you. That's motivation.

    "Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping". A wise man once said that. You don't help people by beating them down and looking at how bad something is. You have to also show them how good something could be.


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  • How can you tell him what? That you're "too fat" for him? Because obviously you aren't, he picked you.

    As for sticking to a plan, using a food tracking app helped me lose weight.


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  • Try changing your eating lifestyle to a permanent eating lifestyle and you won't have the yoyo effect going on in your life.
    You must alter your eating habits to healthy choices and portions.

  • First beauty is in the eye of the beholder. and just start small. walking a dog . fruits instead of sweets. vegan dinners.. Easy stuff. u got this


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