Long distance relationship?

I want to be with this guy who I've been best friends with for years. The feelings are mutual and we have a great friendship, but I think both of us are afraid to start anything because he is in the military and im a full time college student and we are now in different states. I want to make it work, any ideas how to handle a long distance relationship or if I should even try to begin with?


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  • I ended up marrying the girl I was in a long distance relationship with. It's quite a bit of work as you have all the challenges of any other relationship without the benefit of regular and convenient face to face. You'll have to remain connected, satisfy your intimate needs, and trust will either make or break you. How you'll do that will depends on you and your partner so knowing them and yourself is essential. It's a lot of work but if you work at it and have a bit of luck, it can work but I don't think anyone would blame you if you chose not to.


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  • Long distance relationships are very hard, only people that truly love each other can make it work until they're together. Think of long distance to be an challenge to test the strength of your love for each other. If a couple can manage to make it work through that, then the relationship is a very strong one that has the possibility to last for a lifetime

  • first u hav to make sure u all really into each other and hav th same mindset in moving forward plus u all hav great communication befor thinking of relationship


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