Is there more dating in college?

The only dating in highschool seems to be just popular people dating other popular people who have all dated each other since middle school and just keep going back and forth. Do guys get more confident and ask girls out in college?
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  • College is a completely different compared to high school and you sort of realize that high school is this weird world that you will never remotely experience again in your life. In college (and post college), there is no "popular" group. Everyone gets this huge life reset and suddenly no one cares if that guy/girl was unpopular or didn't hang out with the cool crowd. Everyone is judged almost objectively and it pretty much stays that way through the rest of your life.

    One great example I have is this girl at my high school who was never part of the popular crowd. She was quiet and unassuming, but I always thought she looked fantastic because she had these ridiculously long legs that seemed to go on forever. Today, she's a New York runway model and married to some fancy French fashion designer. I think that most people would assume that she was a popular girl in high school but not one bit. I once thought it would be cool to buy a dress from the guy for one of the girls I was dating. $5,276? What the fuck? Uhh... nevermind. I guess lowly me should stick to that tacky Diane von Furstenburg crap.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes in college it is a whole different world , guys will come up to you ask you out for dinner or a movie night. Yes that right their what you said is true popular's only want to date the same popular people , Its annoying because years ago long time ago when I was in high school I had this big huge crush on this guy since 5 grade. He was the good looking popular guy every one knew who he was , But he was always dating this Courtney girl for years especially since this Courtney girl was on the cheer team. He used to date that girl she tough she was better then any one. But I don't hate her any more because guess what I have a bachelors degree in accounting and I saw her being a cashier at Walmart the other day. It always happens the looser in always ends up with a good career and the populars end up not so good in life. Wish you the best !


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  • That's absolutely true in my experience. The top 10% of guys and girls are getting together while everyone else is watching with jealousy.

  • yes that's right

  • Yeah, more opportunities


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