What percentage of the female population (age 20 - 35) would desire love as a prerequisite to sexual intimacy?

This question pertains to the expectations of women using dating sites and apps. I am a fit, successful 30 year old man who has never engaged in sexual intimacy. I am curious as to what portion of said demographic active with these media would appreciate the virtue of a man seeking a deep emotional connection with a prospective partner. It is worth noting that I am agnostic and my abstainance has stemmed from no dogmatic influence or externally imposed set of values. I have just been very selective in my romantic pursuits and to date, unsuccessful.

What's more, I am confounded by the reality of modern hook-up culture wherein causual sexual encounters see parties use and discard the other toward their own selfish ends. The apparent predominance of this practice has me sorrowfully disheartened and discouraged, as I am unable to disassociate the concepts of passion and love. It has been my struggle to reconcile satisfaction of my carnal urges within the context of a relationship. It is my hope that a fair proportion of the adult female population exudes both the patience, willingness, and moral fortitude to discover a higher sexual experience through love.
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  • 75% will be able to accept this but only til marriage. If you dont dick them down by time you marry, they will prob divorce you


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