What would you girls do if a guy that you really don't know gives you flowers?

I want to give a flower to my crush for Valentine's Day but I don't know if I should do it because I think it we'll be to awkward because we don't really talk. So I want to know If any girl has experience this situation from the girl perspective and how would you guys react if some guy give you flowers for Valentine's Day


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  • Honestly as an adult, I would be happy if I received flowers from someone who had a crush on me no matter what (as long as he wasn't a stalker or someone I already told I was not interested in) and if he seemed nice and I found some attraction to him, I'd definitely consider going on a date (if I was single).
    In high school, it would depend on the guy, if he was cute or I was friendly with him or liked him, I'd be really happy and see it as a cute gesture! However, if he was "ugly" or " the weird kid" I would think it's weird and awkward and be embarrassed.
    Good thing people change and mature with time!


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