Why did he text me the next day after this occurrence?

so i met this guy. we got into a fight about sex. this is a little bit of the conversation...

him-dude your fkn crazy
me- ur just mad cause you can't have me, you are crazy, your fkn bi polar
him- ay im blocking, stupid ***
me-ur the one who said u have mental issues
him-you're so stupid
me-**** you
him-**** you
me-im so glad i didn't hang with u, so glad u never fkn touched me

next day...
him-are you done being stupid


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  • Plan for the worst, hope for the best. Throw a line out and see if your willing to talk. Although insulting you isn't the best way to start a conversation

  • Lol cause he doesn’t hate you. You pissed him off but obv he likes talking to you cause he came back 😏


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