Girls, Why would you friend zone a guy?

I know a guy who got friend zoned a few days ago and he said it feels like he got a swift kick in th groin by her doing that.


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  • Because we're obviously all bad people and want men to suffer. I wish I could just castrate every guy that finds an interest in me but because that would be illegal and my probation officer said that I need to chill down on those activities I decide to just offer men my friendship.

    • 😑 owww

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    • So if you’re doing yoga in the gym and I approach you and im annoying you but you just so happen to have a mouse trap in your purse beside you, would I have to worry about getting a mouse trap on my balls. Eh I just want reassurance, for ball purposes :-|

    • Hmm I guess that means you would, note to self: don’t bother her while she does yoga

  • Because you don't have feelings for this person?


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