Current relationshop status, undefined?

So we started dating months ago and all of a sudden she changes her behavior, says she wants to talk but never stands up for it (i forget things fast if im not reminded of it constantly), at a moment i blew up, i couldn't handle it anymore she had robotic behavior and i just can't lay around a senseless person, so she told me that i was wasting her time, money and patience, because i was in the middle of a mentalbreakdown since i had too many things going on and my goals where crumbled down (i had to make a fresh start and didn't knew even where to start), so she told me i had nothing good for her and that i was going to be some mediocre man along life (which hell no, to the hell, to the no), and as we kept talking trying to knock sense outta her she told me she pitied me on everything at that moment...
I decided to stop talking to her for a few days so i could get my stuff together and comeback with a sense of what i was going to do with my self and my future. The days passed (painfully but passed), and i talked to her and she wouldn't reply, but at the moment i said i was gonna look for my 6 year old coat at her house she answered me calling me inmature and saying that she also wanted to take her time in answering my messages, after that i showed up at her work and she called me "stalker", at the moment it broke me down since my granny got diagnosed with lupus and i didn't know where else to go but to her.
She told me she needed time to think what to say back to me (she doesn't know anything about me or my family since) and now im just sitting watching the days pass by and wondering if it would be fitting to let her back in or to let her go, even tho my heart screams for her every moment.

Any helpful advice?


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  • I have to agree with the other guy is saying even if I don't agree with how he's saying it. You're not happy, she's not happy. One of thehardest things to learn in life is just because you love someone doesn't mean you have to be with them. Take a step back and work on yourself for you, if you find someone that's great, but if not you're the only person you have to livewith the rest of your life so you better learn to love yourself.

    • Thanks for the advice, ill have it in mind.

  • I think she has been in her own head thinking about it for a while and not mentioned it to you, which she probably should have and now it is making it much harder on you. I know it hurts, but you need to stand on your own feet and prove you don’t need anyone else to make you happy. Keep yourself busy and positive and good things will come! But I don’t think she will come back after the behaviour you explained of her :(

  • Da pohuj. Stop crying like a girl. She doesn't want to be with you, fuck that and just move forward

    • I stopped crying weeks ago, but the feeling is still there bro.
      Its not so simple to let go.

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    • Be smarter, and call it failed experiment

    • Now i agree more , thanks for the opinion.

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