Girls, How can she be mine?

Hi there :) My story began last year. She was standing in front of me in queue at Uni Coffeeshop. She suddenly turned back and looked at me with smile on her face and started playing with her hair. At that time I was in a relationship, I just smiled back and nothing more. Since that time till now she is still looking at me. 6 months later I broke up with my girlfriend. 5 months after my break up I decided to take the first step. Last month I saw her at gym and had a first talk with her. I saw her again after a week in Library and told her "I would like to drink a coffee with you. when do you have time?". Suddenly she laughed loudly and said "I do not have time at all" and her face became red. Next time I saw her, just said hello, how are you... and nothing more. She is still looking at me same as before! I know, that I was a little fast, but we are at the end of our studies and the chance of seeing her again is low. I really like her very much. I want her. Should I try it one more time? (I do not want to be impolite) How should I know whether she likes me, or not? What should I do? Thanks in advance. Cheers


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  • You can also share the situations when you caught somebody, if it's more interesting.

  • Yeah, ask again. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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