Is this really taking a step back? Or is it just a cop out?

My girlfriend and I have lived together for almost a year (she left her home that was in another city), she told me a month ago that in September she needs to move back home to finish school for a year. I was fine with it and understanding. We've had some fights in the last bit and they end terribly and with her threatening to leave or telling me to leave or telling me she wants to break up. I decided that at the end of April (when our lease ends) I would maybe be looking for my own place, she flipped out and broke up with me and left and now says she's going back home this weekend instead of September. She said we can't be together cause this is taking a step back, but I said it may be better for us to begin with and that I did not want to break up. Did she overreact or did I make a mistake? I didn't think that this would turn into such a big deal, I thought it'd be better if we had our own space and I also couldn't deal with the constant threats.
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  • It sounds like your relationship might not have worked anyway.


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