Girls, kissing, how big of a thing is it? And how to practice it?

I've only really kissed one girl in my life, she looked like Rihana and she showed me how to kiss. I've been going out and stuff, but I really can't find a girl I can... Practice with? I know it sounds very stupid and what not, but how would a guy go about getting a girl to help you with kissing? The girl that I kissed told me I was really good, and I'm pretty sure I'm a decent looking guy that can get girls... I think... Well I'll leave that last part up to you girls... But I mean I don't really see how so many guys get girls to kiss them all the time... I just can't pull it off... Any tips?


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  • kissing is easy when the time comes for it it will just happen and I know

    and I only got 1 tip when you go in for a kiss just act like youve done it plenty times b4 and they well like it


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  • How to find someone to kiss with in 5 steps:

    1)Find a girl

    2)Talk to a girl

    3)If attracted, seduce girl

    4)If you starting THINKING about kissing that girl, usually that's the moment to do it. Normal people don't feel the urge to kiss someone if it isn't going well in simply talking to her.

    5)Kiss girl

    Kissing Tips as I wasn't sure what tips you wanted:

    1)Keep a first kiss light and fun, maybe even playfull also NO tongue in the first 30seconds(minimum depending on the girl).

    2)Always carry mints/gum/something for a bad breath moment, also take care of your oral hygene.

    3)Teasing is enjoyable, just don't overdo it.There's nothing more fun then knowing your going to get kissed in the next few seconds, the tension building up will only make it more enjoyable.

    4)Don't forget you have hands while your kissing, seriously the amount of times I see a guy just letting his hands hang besides him while kissing one of my friends.. its just sad.

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