Guys, what qualities do do look for in a “perfect partner“?

What traits personality wise do you look for and why? What things are most important to you?

Contrary to this, what would you dislike in a partner?

Finally what appearance preferences do you have for a potential girlfriend?



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  • These are all very broad questions that each individual will have a different answer for.
    Generally speaking, guys who just wanna get laid look for willingness and focus more on aesthetics.
    Men who are looking for a partnership seek a person who knows who she is, who is independent or strong, has confidence, and self respect. More though, what level of crazy can he put up with. Also what level of stupid can you put up with.

    • I made it broad for that exact reason lol I want different perspectives

    • I treasure honesty, independence, intelligence, sense of humor, optimism and an ability to both criticize and not give up on herself.
      I disfavor pettiness, hate, bigotry, lack of self respect, constant sarcasm, and smoking.
      Appearance wise, i prefer a slim to athletic build, clean, sense of style, and a B or C cup. Hair color and style don't matter much as that can be changed.

    • Well no you can’t get with someone who looks a certain way and then expect them to change it!

      My ex did that and he was controlling and an arsehole so I got rid

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  • friendly
    shy/or at least not hyperactive
    Treat me the way i treat her
    give me some freedom
    Don't is too dependtent from me
    No Alcoholic/Smoker
    Don't be rude
    Don't be arrogant
    Don't be too greedy
    Love me for who i am :)

    And the things i wouldn't like about girls is the opposite of the things i listed :)

  • apart from looks im pretty easy. i respect people's personalities and who they are. majority of the girls i know are very sweet people , so personally im pretty chill as long as you can smile and laugh

  • Look is important but personality of that person is the most important thing but nowadays for a teenager is really hard to find girlfriend because those things aren't important... if you want to find yourself a bf/gf you need to drink alchol , smoke and make yourself look like an idiot...

  • A person i can be myself with, a strong woman with the right sense of judgement, never fearing to voice her opinions, successful, and overall pretty chill.

  • Caring, intelligent, nice chatter but not too much, should know the value or importance of everything, not arrogant or mad, should provide a great company life long.

  • One who gets my sense of humor, thats a must. Also one who gets the references to pop culture i make. Nothing is sexier than a girl who gets my jokes and my references to things.

  • caring, loyal, clingy, loving

    • What do you mean by clingy? Isn’t that typically a bad thing?

    • Nah , I like it. I don’t like girls who are too distant. I like when me and the girl talk everyday

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