Should I avoid drama or confront him?

So there's this guy I met a couple of months ago and we talk on daily basis. He gives some signals he likes me as well and asked me on a date. He got sick so we couldn't go...

When I start to like someone I feel a bit uneasy and unsure about myself (I hate it and try to ignore it). I begin to overthink every single thing: 'what if he just didn't want to see me?' 'what if he doesn't like me?' 'what if he found someone else?' + I start to overanalyse every text...

Should I just confront him about how I feel and tell him that he can be honest if he doesn't like me (anymore) ? Or is that too much drama and should I just start thinking more positive?
  • Drama queen - start thinking positive
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  • A little - confront him / talk about how you feel
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  • A little - ignore the feeling
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  • Not at all - confront him / talk about how you feel
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  • Don't confront him but ask him on a date and see what he says
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Start thinking more positive and give him the benefit of the doubt. If he still talks to you and acts the same, I don't see a point to worry.

    It's not really drama alert to talk about your feelings. I don't think guys mind when you talk about such things. If really want to be sure, just ask him.


Most Helpful Guy

  • its not really his fault. don't confront him just keep it the way it was. move on to the next guy.


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  • Tell him. Good luck

  • Just tell him what you feel and think.


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