Should I text him or make him work for it?

I have been seeing a guy for about 3 weeks then he got scared or something as he just got out of a 2 year relationship where the girlfriend left him for his best friend. I have met 90% of his family. When he decided to cool it off he said "right now he doesn't have enough time in everyday for everyone." Today we texted for a bit while he was driving for. I sent him a text that said "if you feel up to it later, give me a shout." He said "what's up?" I replied "nothing". He called me immediately and I wasn't able to talk at work at the moment as the boss was standing next door. I feel like crap tonight and just want to go to bed.

So...should I wait to see if he calls or Should I just text him and tell him I am sick and going to bed? I'm trying to hold on to this guy.

I really am sick tonight and am going to bed. It's not an excuse or ploy to get his attention.


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  • Dont stress about it to much if he replies to your texts calls etc he is interested that a good sign, don't try to hard it just makes things worse...


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  • Ditto what Anonymous said...don't stress too much. Take care of yourself and if he calls, just be honest! In fact...always be yourself and be honest. Being in a relationship where you're always wondering and second guessing what they're thinking is no fun. Chill out and enjoy.