Any tips for asking a guy out that I haven't seen in months?

There was a guy I met over the summer at a seasonal job. He seemed a little shy and one of the last days I saw him, I think his friend was trying to play wing man (it's a long story). Either way I realized he liked me and I was going to ask him out but when I did have the chance to encourage him to ask me I blew it.

When I had the chance to ask him there were a lot (4-6) of us around, so I thought it'd be weird to pull him to the side and they'd be able to hear. Now he's away at college and I'm debating waiting to see if I see him at the mall after the semester is over and ask him, going to the place I worked (beach), or waiting until the semester if over and send him a message on Facebook. (Though we aren't friends on there & after making sure he doesn't have a girlfriend).


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  • You should do it in person, ypu could say that there's been something you've been wanting to tell him for a awhile now. Since he likes you, he'll prolly know what you're gonna say. But do it in person, it makes it more special.

    • Thanks for the advice! Just found out he has a girlfriend now so this whole thing no longer matters

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