Why do I keep trying to get back with the girl I dated over a year ago?

OK so I dated this person for over 4 months and she wanted to end things after that, after about a year later we start talking again and she wants to hangout, and she acts like she likes me again but after we hangout she doesn't talk to me and then we hangout again and it gets more intimate and after that we stop talking, and this is still happening I really want to get over her and move on but I can't ever time she asks to hangout I say yes hoping something will happen, what should I do to get over her?


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  • Whenever you catch yourself thinking about her start listing off reasons not to like her. It will be hard at first but if you really want to stop liking her eventually it should work. At first you'll see no reason why you shouldn't be together but then things might start getting easier if you look at her through new eyes. If not then try setting your sights on someone else. You'll never completely get over her just to warn you. Just do what you know will make you happy and you'll feel way better.


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