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How to date an introverted guy?

I've been seeing him for just over a month now and I like him a lot. He's made it clear that he is an introvert and he's super busy... he works full time and is finishing up a masters degree. He asks me out about once or twice a week, so he still makes time for me even though his schedule is pretty packed. We have a ton of fun together and he's very sweet, and I can tell he tries hard to take me to cool places when we go out.
Anyway, I really like the way things are going, but I am so used to dating extroverted guys... I'm worried about putting too much pressure on him. Also, should I continue to let him make the dates since he is the far busier of the two of us? Can someone please give me some pointers on dating someone who is super introverted and busy?
How to date an introverted guy?
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