Is it a date and if so what should I do?

Some background:
So there's this girl that I've hung out with before. I'm not really sure if she's into me because this is new to me and I'm not very good at reading signs so I'll try to be as detailed as possible. We took 2 classes together last year and we did homework together occasionally but never really hung out outside of working. This year, last semester we started talking more and I remember she walked with me across campus from outside of my dorm one night to print something out and back to my dorm just to talk along the way. After that she asked me to apply for a position for a club she was in, which I did and we're both in it right now. On a separate we watched a tv episode that she really wanted me to see in my room and talked for a bit afterwards.

More recently though, over our winter break, she randomly texted me right after Christmas until the new semester started. We were talking about movies we've seen, and some of our activities for the next semester. When we got back on campus we hung out in my room again for around 5 hours just talking and doing work and she suggested that we should see a movie at a theater. So naturally I followed up on it later and we made plans to go (tomorrow). Also during those 5 hours she asked me if I had a girlfriend or anyone I liked and I said "No and maybe" but it was kinda well-worked into the conversation so I wasn't sure if she was trying to find out if I was dating anyone or it was just part of the conversation. We've been talking probably daily since we tentatively made plans to go to the movies.

So I have a few questions
Were the 2 times we hung out in my room dates or us just hanging out?
Is this movie date a first date and would I pay for her ticket?
And if it's a date is it weird to kiss on a first date?
And lastly any suggestions on what to do after the movie (like grab ice cream or dinner since it's around mid-afternoon)?



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  • I think the times you were together were just hanging out. The movie theater definitely sounds like a date. Her asking you if you had a girlfriend is a definite possibility she's interested. If you were to pay for her ticket, that'd show that you were interested in her. So if you like her, go for it. Not sure on the kiss part, though. Try asking her if she wants to get dinner or ice cream. I think if she really does like you, she'll say yes to anything you suggest to spend more time with you.

  • The 2 times in your room don't sound like dates to me. The movie theater does, though. Especially because she asked about your relationship status (that's a huge sign she's interested) I would offer to pay for her ticket, but don't just automatically pay because it is the 21st century and some people don't like that. Say "I can pay for that", not "do you want me to pay for that". The latter option puts her in a weird position. It's okay to kiss, but only if you are positive that you're both feeling it. Ice cream afterward sounds good, especially because it will give you a chance to actually talk


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