Is this normal?

I am a total introvert and I recently started dating a extrovert. He has so many friends. He seems to know 95% of the people we pass on the street and he goes out with friends a couple of times a week. I on the other hand tend to stay in and don't know very many people outside of my small circle.

Because there is such a large difference in our social status I can't help but wonder how many people he's kissed and how many people he's done more with. Is it weird that I think about this? I'm not what you would consider experienced. I feel embarrassed to think he could have been with girls who were better at all of this than I am.


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  • Has he told you how many girls he's dated or been with? Just because he is a people person doesn't mean he dates willy nilly. In any case, whether or not he's been with a bunch of other girls or not, you shouldn't feel insecure about your experience level. It's not a contest and you're not being compared. It's only about what's going on between you two and no one else factors in.

    • All I know is that he's only had one girlfriend but he's mentioned a few girls he's gone out with.
      I just don't want him to be disappointed. Experienced people tend to have perfected things a little better than I have.

    • Just let him take the lead and follow along on instinct. Overthinking leads to trouble. It's suppose to be fun so relax and have fun.

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  • Dont worry about that, it's completely normal to think and wonder what has he done, but I can tell you one thing, it doesn't matter, it may seem like it does, but it doesn't, the truth is that he i's with you now, and all the things in the past led him to be right beside you, so don't over think it and enjoy every single part of him.

    • ^^ everything he said

    • My concern is disappointing him if he's used to being with more experienced people.

    • He is well aware you are not experienced, I'm sure. So don't worry about it and don't overthink it.

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  • If he's as social and popular as you say there's a good chance he's experience. However there is nothing wrong with thinking about it I'd say it pretty normal to think about you partners past experience

  • I'm a total introvert, I have no friends and stay away from people as much as possible, my recent ex was an extrovert, she knew everyone. She had slept with two people before me, in 10 years. In that same space of time I had slept with around 20.

    It literally means nothing.


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