Left bitter and alone. Why should I even bother trying to find a woman who will most likely don't even want me?

Hi. I'm 26 years old and a virgin. Never had a relationship and left seeing friends getting girls or be in healthy stable relationships. (note: I have no friends or family anymore. Don't ask)

No woman ever wanted me and some female friends have felt the need to tell how they screwed some other guy they just met and some where old guys... Like wtf... not even my age is a winning factor to these women.

I keep getting rejected and nothing I do seems to work. I workout, and try to stay groomed. Seems like nothing works. I have become bitter and full of disgust. I keep thinking about how its my fault somehow. Like I'm not good enough as a person or how I just don't matter.

I was good friends with a girl once and I actually thought were starting to be a couple until she dropped a text on me saying she was with a "romantic interest" at the "library". Bam! Got heartbroken. But for some reason it didn't hit me as hard as I expected. Sure I became homeless a week after that but for some reason since then, my heart has become blackened and scarred from all the heart breaks I have felt over the span of my life.

No woman ever showed interest in me no matter what I did. I wasted enough of my time trying to find a special someone that all I ended up being was just some emotional tampon, getting Friendzoned to death, or just being led on.

I'm thinking of joining the military since nobody will even mourn me if I were to ever die, getting bomb disposal as a job since I stopped caring about dying. Who will stop me? My non existential next of kin? Lol!

All the women I have met have been shallow and heartless. I already know what some may post in the comment section " not all women" but lets face it ladies, you always have a reason whether its a good or bad one.

To wrap this up, I'm 26, virgin, bitter as hell and I dont care about being killed. Why should I even bother looking for a woman who most likely won't even want me?
Apperently some of you see this as coming off as entitled and that was not intention. Maybe some of you can't read correctly who knows? Those offended seem to be women oddly enough


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  • All I’ve ever wanted is to be a dad. I know where you are coming from. It isn’t just you. Women ARE shallow and cruel. They just don’t want to admit it and instead point the blame back at us. I’m 29, am close to a 4th suicide attempt, and nothing helps. The truth is that not everyone gets to be happy. You see people post crap like “you have to be happy first,” and that’s the problem. We become happy through external validation. When people treat us like crap, we feel like crap. All you can do is trudge on day by day. Maybe, MAYBE, you will come across the unicorn. A caring, decent woman who will see you for who you are and see the potential in you. I personally have given up hope. Maybe you’ll make it.

    The military won’t help you. They screen for depression and suicidal tendencies because it makes you a danger to the unit.

    • That well the first non attacking comment so far lol. Sounds like you need love in many ways but for me? Love has no place in my heart anymore, I have been tainted with too much hate and heartbreak to truly care for being loved anymore.

      The military won't stop me. They won't be able to find any depression since there is non. Getting a high risk paying paying job with a high paying rate is my goal, if I died then there's no more mourning on anybodies part and I think that's a huge plus.

      God why does everybody think being an eod is a suicide sentence?

    • There is clearly depression. Th desire to die is a clear sign. Dude, my mom beat my face into a table until my nose broke because I was struggling with math. My dad beat me so badly when I was 16 i still have trouble with controlling my bowels. I KNOW pain. I am intimate partners with misery. You are depressed. Stating that you want to take a job that will get you killed is suicidal ideation. Been there. Tried that.

    • Its not so much as suicide ideation but more of a lack of caring. The fact that there is nothing holding me back from taking up the job only makes me wanna do it more. I need a job and I need one That pays well. I dont have a college degree so this seems to be a good choice as any.

      Suicide would mean I would not enjoy that money I have earned from disarming bombs in the military, if I actually die then I don't see how my death would be a great loss. Win-win in my book.

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  • The thing is, you seem to place a huuuuge value on having a girlfriend but what is your value as a person? Are you interesting and fun to be around? Charismatic? Supportive? Have a job that provides independence and personal growth? Hobbies someone can share with you?
    I know you’re only adding context to the situation you feel is important, but the reality is bitter people present that image and the negativity is unattractive in a friend but also a huge red flag in the dating world. No one wants to be with someone they have to “fix” or try constantly to help them see their value over their own negativity

    • Correction.
      I no longer place a huge value on women. I simply dont care anymore.
      Not sure about interesting but I was fun to hang with.
      I was charismatic.
      Was supportive.
      Had a good job that kept me afloat for sometime but got fired for some bs reason.
      Used to draw and do a bit of animating.

      I'm adding context so people can give me a better answer to my question.

      Try having your heartbroken non stop and go homeless, we will see how not bitter you are.

      And dont women go for the abuser loser bad boy who is bitter to the core anyway hypocrisy at its finest.

      Reread my question and actually give me an answer instead of throwing assumptions into the mix.

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    • I dont care about any of that shit. Nobody has answered my question and were pointing out some nonsense that isn't true. You have jumped that same bandwagon decided to throw assumptions at my direction. If you are done being holier than thou and comfirming shit that isn't true, will you answer my question?

    • I have. No woman wants a bitter man with a shitty attitude. Your negativitity is unattractive, you have nothing positive to offer and no one wants to fix you. Those exact words are in my original post.
      Bother, don’t bother, we don’t care because it’s not like it we’re losing anything by you not wanting to put it any effort - you’re just going to be overlooked for better men around you as you’re already experiencing. Keep doing what you’re doing 👍🏻

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  • You don't need anybody to make you happy. Stop relying on others for your happiness and quit blaming every one lol

    • Well then I guess I should just stay bitter then. The only thing that will make me happy is to piss women off and getting paid eod money.

      Is that what you meant for me to feel towards your comment?

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    • You are the idiot for not reading my question properly and using your emotions to spew out assumptions.

    • Yes I did? other people said almost the same shit as I did and you're the one who's being dumb for thinking we're offended when we're here to tell you THE TRUTH

  • You're doing this the wrong way around. You're depressed. Getting a girl won't make it go away. You need to see a psychologist regularly to get better. After getting better you'll have a better chance at getting a girl.

    • I dont want a girl in my life. Why would I? So she can cheat and leave me anyway?

      You people act like going to the military is as bad as suicide lol.

  • "All the women I have met have been shallow and heartless. I already know what some may post in the comment section " not all women" but lets face it ladies, you always have a reason whether its a good or bad one."

    Women can smell your misogyny from a mile away, my man. You've gotta shed your attitude -- it's unattractive.

    • I wasn't always like this. Back when I was younger and had a more positive attitude. Guess it wasn't enough. Then I kept seeing those same women go for better looking guys with a shitty attitude lol.

      Seems to me like women just want better looking guys regardless of how it may turn out.
      So why should I bother even trying to care anymore?

  • I was a virgin until I was 25, but I had to work out some issues from my past. I did a Take called Virgin Guy Advice that has some information that might help you. You can find it by doing a search on GaG.

  • Jesus Christ, are you Elliott Rodger Mk II?

    Well, I suggest you visit a psychologist about that depression you developed. That's the best I can do.

    • Yep there we go the Elliot rodger comparison, that's what somebody needs to hear when pouring their heart out.

      So nice of you to insult me like that.

    • Hey, it wasn't meant as insult. Let me rephrase it: "Holy shit, you both feel absolutely abandoned by the outside world. I suggest doing something about it before it destroys your life." I actually didn't intent this comparison to go in the direction of his acts. Mea Culpa. There's more to him than just what he did. His manifesto is more than the last twenty pages.

  • You need to go see a therapist.

    • Why though? I dont think there's anything wrong with what I said.

    • This could be a onset of depression and suicidal thoughts

    • How so?

  • You shouldn't look for a woman at all. You need to sort your own life out first, stop blaming anyone else for anything, girls don't have to like you, family's are sometimes shit... but no one can male you happy but you anyways so stop with the self pitty bullcrap & try to think about how to turn it around & make your life worth living before you really do feel like the only solution is to kill yourself!

    • Make*

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    • YOU SHOULDN'T!!!

      No wonder no woman wants you, you can't fucking listen 😤

    • Then I won't. I still dont see how following a highly dangerous career path is equal to killing myself. Ill be happy enough to enjoy the money I gain from said job. If I so happen to die then I won't be of a great loss to anybody.

      That's a win-win, just dump my remains into the trash if I die something.

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