Too quick for a break?

So I've only been official with this guy for around 2 weeks and we've already been on 2 dates, but the thing is I'm starting to realize I've actually got a lot of myself to improve before I want to date him eg im bunking a lot of my classes- i need to focus on my studies more and I've been going home at around 1am these past weeks.

- Is a bad that I already want a break?- not that I want to break up with him because frankly I don't want to lose him, and he says he doesn't either and said will wait for me.
- We kind of agreed on compromising that I will see him more (twice a week) and I will focus harder on my studies
- How often should the communication be also because I find that the more I talk to him, the less i miss him therefore the less i would feel the need to see him- but I still want to talk to him everyday.


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  • Don't "take a break" to improve yourself before you "go back to him." Had a girl try this same thing with me and it wound up creating nasty resentment when I found out later that she was talking with and later dating other guys, while covering it up when she talked with me.

    I never understood the logic of taking a break to work on yourself. If you see you need improvement, fucking jump on it, remember you may hurt or lose that partner if it's really a problem worth giving attention like that to, and use that fear and concern to fuel your efforts to improve, or piss off. There's not much in between. That shit is like reserving a table at a restaurant, showing up and leaving half way through a meal. Then telling the staff and waiter that you demand your table be reserved indefinitely, and you will pay for your food when you return. It's insane. You should evaluate everything and figure out if you really want to be in a relationship now. Relationships will be time consuming. You will be busy for most of your life. There's a middle ground in there that you have to work with, and most know and accept this at a certain point. If he wants to see you every single night, get an apartment together, or tell him that it's impossible, because you've got to study or work or whatever. Anyone worth a damn will accept this as part of who you are. However you should still make a serious effort to make time where you can to see him. If you never budge or never make time for him, no matter how good things are, he will leave you. Same if he never talks to or spends/makes time with you.

    As far as communication goes, do what's natural for you, try to figure out what's natural for him, and then discuss, try to improve it, whether you talk too much or too little. I don't really like texting someone every day, at least a few times a day. It's not my thing. Some days I don't text anyone or even think about texting people. Too busy, have other things going on, or just don't care to. You just have to learn each other's thresholds and stick to them


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  • Honestly if you know you need to do other things let him know that. he should understand you can't see him everyday and be ok with that if he's not than he's probably not the right person for you. This seems like its more of you needing to prioritize better school should be first priority, and then everything else.

  • Not all understand that a break means wait for me as time is wrong and think it means you are a cool person but I'm currently not interested but that might change

  • Make a deal with him that you need to date a little bit earlier then ususal. And to close a date early..
    No meed for a break.

  • Tell him


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