Would you think I’m lame because I don’t want to hang out with you at night because of my parents?

I’m 19 and currently dating a 25 year old and he lives alone and I’m still at home with my parents. They wouldn’t like the idea of me hanging out with a guy at night. I really don’t want to tell him because I feel it’ll make me look childish and lame:/


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  • If he thinks that, you don't need that type of guy. Focus on your future so you can get out on your own and make your own choices.

    • That is true. And I am, in the mean time I still want to date. Im too old to not make that choice on my own

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    • there's no proof he’s selfish, he never said/acted as if I’m lame. And are you suggesting that I just shouldn’t date at my age?

    • No, I'm speaking in general. Its meant as an example for you to becareful

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  • I would think your parents are lame.

    I would even say it in the stereotypical stoner "Your parents are laaaame" kind of voice

  • If your 19 and still act like your 15 then yes. Make your own decision and then express your concern to the guy.

  • you're only 19. i'd understand you.

    • Thanks I appreciate that

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