Why is my ex trying to sabotage my current relationship?

He dumped me a year ago for another woman and I was heartbroken. I've moved on now and have found a new guy with whom I'm really happy. I stopped talking to my ex after the break up, but we have mutual friends and he found out that I'm with someone new. He's marrying the girl he left me for in three months yet all he's done since he found out about my boyfriend is try to break us up. My boyfriend's birthday is next week, and his sister and I are planning a surprise party for him. My ex told my boyfriend that I've been sneaking around with him (not the case), and my boyfriend and I got into a big fight over it. I was sneaking, but not with my ex or any other man. I was sneaking to meet his sister regarding his birthday party, and I had to tell him about the party to salvage the relationship. We're friends again, but now the surprise is ruined and if my ex doesn't stop, I'm afraid the relationship will be as well. I don't know what to do or understand why my ex is pissed at me for moving on when he walked out on me and is engaged. Men, what's going on?


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  • He is a damn jerk.
    Ask your boyfriend who does he trust more? You or some jerk that tries to ruin something beautiful..
    And if its such a big deal, tell him why were you sneaking.. So he will open his eyes..

    • He knows why now. I've already told him

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    • Thanks, I appreciate it

    • No problem at all

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