What do I do about a girl I like who doesn't like me back? I mean we're still really good friends but it's hard to pull my self away?


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  • I’m in your situation atm, but opposite. I’m in the girl’s position. If you’re really clingy then it may annoy the girl to the point of losing the friendship with her, but if you respect her space and don’t nag her to go out with you, then you should honestly be good in the friends boat. If you still want something more I don’t really know what to say except just keep being you. If she really isn’t attracted to you for who you are, then don’t change for her. That’s the worst thing you can do for yourself.

    • Awwwe that helped a lot. Respecting her space is exactly what I'm already doing. Just hurts that's all. Thank you so much

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    • Again thank you 😄😄 it means a lot from someone I just met

    • Anytime :)

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